2017 Erie ComiCon 9/22 - 9/24/2017 The Bayfront Convention Center 1 Sassafras Pier Erie, PA 16507
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Add 2nd Dealer space/tableDealer table 2$129.00

Add 3rd Dealer space/tableDealer table 3$129.00

Add 4th Dealer space/tableDealer table 4$129.00

Add 2nd Artist tableArtist table 2$99.00

Add 2nd Vendor boothContact EPE for bulk space$300.00

Dealer/Artist Electricity1-110 Outlet$40.00
We plan to Exhibit the following products/services: 

Only the products listed and approved by Erie Promotions & Expos, Inc. may be displayed at the event.

Booth Fees May Include:  Space, 8' backdrop, 32" side curtains, vendor passes, listing in show directory and show website.

Booth Fees Do Not Include:  electricity, carpeting, tables or chairs unless otherwise notated in your vendor package.
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